Hard Working, Professional, Personable Fishing Guide

Hard working, professional, personable, and most importantly puts you on fish! Went out with Capt. Dusty in mid-November and the conditions weren’t ideal. Visibility was poor, had a cold front so the fish were spooky at best, and the wind was up. It was also my first time fishing for reds, and on a fly rod at that.

Despite encountering a number of others both on the flats and at the channel who only saw a few easily spooked reds, Dusty put me on close to 10 and boated one…I had plenty to learn about being stealthy! Capt Dusty worked his tail off to get me fish and knew the places to hit based on his extensive knowledge of the waters. I was truly impressed with his work ethic, knowledge, gear, boat, network etc. etc…woke up the next day and traded some texts with him. He changed his schedule completely to make another trip with me and the conditions were stellar! Put me on close to 20 reds.

I snapped two flies off, one on a feeding bull that was over 30″, because I trout set the fish (my trout and bass fishing history runs deep…) and he simply instructed me on corrections, tied a new fly on and put me on more fish. I was fully addicted by the end and will be back out with Capt Dusty in the next month.